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One bright spot upon our return was seeing that some of our old favorites were still active. We found as well that SHIPtember was still a thing - the annual event to build a "SHIP," a spaceship over 100 studs long. Now that it is ROCKtober, it's time to look at what was produced.

The future is bright - Part 1 Hybris
We start with something straight out of our childhood, an O'Neill cylinder. Ralf Langer promises more photos, but we are content as-is, with detail shrinking into the vanishing point.

Xylethrus AMV-1
Next is the Xylethrus, a black spindly creature with a must ingenious use of the fishing pole. We cannot find anything to establish a scale to the thing (take, in contrast, this colony ship with a decedent to our space shuttle for reference), which is a slight knock against it, but nothing to get strung out over.

Celestial Barracuda
The Celestial Barracuda is absurd in all the right places - on its own its good, but the collection of suits and ships make it complete, suggesting that it exists in a diverse ecosystem.

MOTH - Front
Finally, the timeless MOTH - we think it might be the blue glass cockpit that suggests an earlier era of LEGO construction. It is without gimmicks or frills, but will last a lifetime.

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