Brickcon: Readers Digest

As pics pour in, most of way better quality than the twee affect exclusives, it's worth it to sift through them.

To start, a discussion on the Best in Show winner, Steve Braile's Japanese Garden. A nice model to be sure (check out the layered baseplate rice paddies), but it uses CLONES. The stone walls are made of round-corner megablocks!! Insidious and evil, the clone movement (that is, brands not troopers) has reached new heights here. The Best in Show winner?? Really?? Slippery slope folks; soon the "best in show" will use gum, beads, and brown.

This castle mysteriously appeared on Sunday. It has some nice details, specifically the printed blue triangle band and the use of those technic round corner things for tudor.

The incredible contribution to the floating rock display by yours truly. By "display" we mean "just this model" because Jonesy "dropped" his contribution while moving it from bedroom to car. If there had been a Steampunk award, this would clearly win, even though it's not even steampunk (it's tweepunk). "Orlo's Mill" features a motorized windmill and flying sheep.

The third floor of this set was designed by James May. This is also a good time to mention that across con, cries of "That fucking Cafe Corner" would have been most appropriate.

Some nice detailing on the Moulin Rouge by Paul Hetherington (BC08 Best-in-Show winner). This would have looked great outside of the dismal Apoc display. If only plumes weren't so damn expensive in white, this would be perfect for tweepunk.

Finally, a picture of Derek Schin as he interrupts Steve Witt to say "Imma let you finish Steve, I'm real happy for you, but Jake McGee was the best community relations person of all time. Of all time!" Preceding this was group discussion amongst spacers over what Kanye-meme variation to use. As Jake was actually in the audience, Derek suggested the option he eventually chose. He was egged on by yours truly, who said he "didn't have the balls." He did.


  1. I like how I am given no credit for coming up with "tweepunk". Dick.

  2. Clones in the best of show!! looks like I made the right decision to stay away.

  3. Jake McKee you moron face.