My immortal soul is under attack!

Serious issues face our niche community all the time, readers. Color changes, inconsistent colors, minuscule differences in print, parts changes, and none poor quality, among other things. Such serious issues pale in comparison like the pale shades of new white to the most serious issue. Something so serious could only be the issue of purism. Yes, purism: the issue of whether or not it is "OK" to cut, paint, or defile LEGO brand toy building blocks, use aftermarket accessories, custom stickers, or, dare your special train correspondent say, use other brand toy building blocks to make one's own Lego MOCs.

This issue is extremely evident in makorol's most recent MOC, a buggy. This extremely evident evidence of his heresy can be seen in his liberal use of cut flex tubes. While many official sets require you to cut tubing to actually build the set, his cutting of flex tubes does not really count as being "OK" because it is not an official set.

You, reader, could certainly argue that it is otherwise impossible to render a roll cage with Lego brand toy building bricks, but you are wrong. You, reader, are wrong because the such things do not meet the standards of the community.

And while this heresy has allowed makorol to make use of an otherwise useless part, you are still wrong, reader. There are plenty of other options with pure solutions. So how then do you suggest that makorol build his buggy so that it is up to the pure standards of the community? The answer is quite simple: don't build the buggy at all.


  1. what is this margaret lee

  2. I've only ever seen one set which requires you to cut your own flex tube - the Space Needle. And that was light gray. Clearly, this buggy doesn't contain any light gray cut flex tube.

  3. This is a good post, and a gooder MOC.

  4. People are still making a big deal about this sort of thing? Hmm, I guess that's why I read the blog.