Bioshawk and Beyond: A Twee Affect Interview, With Scotty

We here at Twee Affect have been reading Keith Goldman's interviews on our sister blog The Brothers Brick for a while, and figured we should try this gimmick too! Hope he doesn't mind we took some pointers from him!

We're pretty proud of landing this big interview with the reclusive Scotty, who is a singularly hard to reach person, among all the AHOLs we could have interviewed. We literally flew out to his badass California supervillain missile silo lair, and literally asked him some questions, in person, instead of just like IMing him or something. We talked with Scotty about various zany things: the problem of finding good henchmen, Beyonce's jiggling thighs, and tophats. We also, talked, about, LEGOS.

On Building Legos

Jonesy: You build a lot of different genres. Do you have a theme you consider to be your main interest? Are you "invested" in the old-news space/castle/train rivalry?

Scotty: My main interest has changed over the years, honestly. I used to be all into space, then I did a little of the "brown steampunks", then I moved into some sky-fi (still one of my favorite genres), since then I've done military, but more specifically RAMM. After the fall from grace that RAMM endured, I moved on into building things that weren't bound by genres, and just sort of built whatever I felt like at the time.

I used to like the whole space/castle/train rivalry nonsense, and I think that it has its merits at con, but people who carry that to the internet are. . . idiots.

J: While doing research for this interview, I just tagged a bunch of your lego pictures with "lego". How did your photostream get so messy, girl?

S: Well its an art of mine, just cluttering up everything wherever I go! Just look at your floor after LUG! But no I just use my flickr for a dumping ground, it is just filled with whatever I feel like putting there.

Oh did I ever show you that pic?

J: Haha oh god velveeta. I remember that.

S: It is just a thing that happens at LUG.

J: At three in the morning.

J: I noticed that most of your mocs have gunz on them, and seem to be built to conquer things. Is that pretty much how you decide on a project, on what you want to conquer?

S: I went through a long phase during which I built a lot of military mocs, RAMM and otherwise. One of the things that leads to this is that I build guns as tablescraps, they sit around for a long time, then I put them on something. In general thats how I build, tons of tablescraps floating around, then I smash them into something or finally finish one.

Guns are easy to make well.

J: You have a lot of pics of WIPs that you never finished. When is a creation ever really "finished"?

S: 1) Fuck you!
2) For me a moc is almost never finished, I just get it to a point where I cant stand to work on it anymore. The one exception to this rule is when I built my UCAU-7 mecha.

J: Do you have any future plans for Teddy Chief?

S: Lets get one thing clear, right here and right now. You don't talk about Teddy Chief like you know him. You don't even call him Teddy Chief.

He gets facial reconstructive surgery once a year, and he only sleeps one hour a night. Just because he saves you, doesn't make him your friend.

Other AHOLs

J: Are you a member of any LUGs?

S: I'm in your lug, jackass!

Besides JonesyLUG I am currently a member of KeithLUG, ChiefLUG and SchinLUG.

J: Those are all just informal "lugs" at like people's houses right?

S: No, they are diehard fanatical LUGs who can operated even when separated from the central leadership. These cells have individual leaders who are capable of determining the correct course of action even if their entire leadership structure has been disrupted or eliminated.

J: Do you go to cons?

S: I've been to a few cons. My first was NORTH WEST brick con '07, followed by NORTH WEST brick con '08, Brick World '08, NORTH WEST brick con '09, and Brickworld '09.

I had the worst experience of my life driving to NORTH WEST brick con '09. I carpooled with this tool and it was basically unbearable until we picked up a friend in Salt Lake City.

J: Do y'all still look at Brickshelf?

S: What's brickshelf?

J: You were one of the inner circle of that whole RAMM theme. What was the big stinky deal about that?

S: Well, KnickD started a theme. As with any father, he wanted his child to be perfect. To do this, he imposed rules as to what could and could not be built. Some people got their panties in a twist over that and decided to ruin it for everyone. I mean, christ almighty, I built under Nick's micromanagement so why couldn't they?

J: What do you think of brickarmzbrickarmzbrickarmz?

S: Well, depends on what you mean by that. Kiddies who plaster every moc with brickarms? Terrible. Tasteful use of them in mocs, where actual lego guns don't look good? Great. They fill a gap in what lego can do. Will Chapman is also one of the friendliest guys I know, and certainly one of the most generous. And that's a fact, not a shameless plug.

What's next, for the hobby

J: Speaking of the brickarmz kiddies, are they ever gonna grow out of their freudian love of brickarmz and badass custom figz and build real mocs?

S: Well, I think the older kids get, the more they realize that guns are serious business, and killing someone has serious repercussions. At least I pray they will. As for building real mocs, no one does that.

J: Do you think TLG's collector fig series is a response to the aftermarket fig customization market? Do you think that's gonna be a permanent "thing", in the future?

S: Christ I hope not, I can't deal with the stress of trying to find the damn things when they're released, then the stress of pulling the same one over and over again. I think I'll die by coronary if they keep doing them.

J: Are you gonna be more build-y in the fall?

S: We'll see. I'll have a place to call my own in the fall, and my best bro ever and I will be having LUG again. Our problem though is not a lack of building prowess or quantity, its a problem of being easily distracted and always being unsatisfied with our mocs. We build a ton, we just never post.

5 Circlejerk Questions

J: My favorite moc of yours is probably that red cyberpunk semi truck. What's your favorite moc you've done?

S: My favorite moc of mine would have to be my UCAU-7. I worked on that thing in a frenzy, and to this day I think it is my best moc. Its also the only one that I still have assembled. I built it after watching the entire GitS series, and I feel like it captures the feel of the technology of the show, but has an original feel to it as well.

J: If time, money and proximity were not an issue, wouldn't it be great to collaborate with me on a project?

S: No dude we never get anything done.

J: What's your favorite moc of mine?

S: Wait man I thought that this whole deal was about me, bro.

J: C'mon dude don't be a dick I'm giving you free publicity, I just need a lil flattery bump!

S: No.

J: Fine whatever. At least holla back at my old meme: "It's not bioshawk"!

S: Every moc, is bioshock.


  1. Nice interview and a fun read. I like that you responded to some of Scotty's answers.

  2. agreed, nice interview. i hope to see more.

  3. "I had the worst experience of my life driving to NORTH WEST brick con '09. I carpooled with this tool and it was basically unbearable until we picked up a friend in Salt Lake City."

    And after that it was still unbearable.

  4. This is Yankovician in its level of parody--it's a funny send-up while still being a good read in its own right.