RJBROWN is a visionary

Brickhshelf user RJBROWN recently uploaded this steampunk tractor. It is probably his vision of an alternate history "proto-John Deere" tractor, or something. Each detail seems like it could represent something in real life. We at tweeaffect applaud him for so believingly envisioning this MOC in a genre plagued with such poor taste.


  1. So, are you assuming that steam-punk fans are going to think this is steam-punk?

    It's a nice tractor, sure, but...it's just a tractor.

    Sometimes I'm not sure if you're being funny or making a mistake.

  2. You can use this rule of thumb: if it's on Twee Affect and refers to steampunk it is mockery, if it's got brown and calls itself steampunk it is a mistake.