"My $25 per year only pays for a few seconds of their legal team's time."

Welp! Looks like Kevoh brought the wrath of the lawyers down upon cool-kid swearing clubhouse Lego 16+, on Flickr. Way to go guy! We here at twee affect thought we had an unwritten rule that we dont talk about preliminary set pics, because thats all that TLG's legal team seems to care about. We will allow that it could have been a dozen other issues, since that was the group where people went to shoot their mouths off ill-advisedly, but with our outsize sense of our own importance/googleability we have to assume it's Kevoh's fault. Now this group is ruined, forever, and will not be immediately replaced by another group with a similar name and goals, and we will never speak of it, again.

So! After the destruction of this temple to the community, are people still building legos? Answer: yes.

Flickr user Ronan Dragonov (this might not be his real name) built this cool retro future building lately, in a tastefully muted color scheme with interesting curvy bits. This happens to be exactly what we always thought moonbase should look like: uniform color pallete of neutrals with one bold color per module and a semi-standardized architectural style, to maximize cohesiveness. Because if you're going to make a collaborative display it should be based on collectivist principles instead of individualistic ones, otherwise just make your own standalone mocs guys. Have we said this before? Probably. Anyways moonbase is our favorite subject to armchair quarterback about, since we never made an example moc to showcase our ideas, since we never had the parts for it. Haha hows that for irony! We made it so exclusive, in our minds, that even we were excluded! Like anyone who isnt a millionaire being an Ayn Rand Objectivist! Or an anti-government-spending Teabagger who got rich on farm subsidies like Michele Bachmann! Anyways the point is, any collaborative project quickly becomes a political exercise.

Phong Chang built this ridiculous/awesome Ronin Warriorsy guy in pointy 80's animu armor. Give him an electric guitar, he looks like he is windmilling a sick power chord! BLANNNGGG!!! (This is a guitar noise.)

We were pretty impressed with this sculpture of a secksy naked ladie by Amazing Brick Creations, but when we showed our fellow blaggers they were all "yawn this was just spit out by a computer" and we were all "really, guys? You must be the sort of people who do long division by hand!" Matty thought the boobs were too big and not pancakey enough. Anyway, we are not like art majors or anything, but we bet "red" symbolizes "secksieness"!

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