chewk it out

Deceit is always a useful tactic in war. Many times in war one's enemy will not attack medical vehicles. What if one's enemy were so cruel as to deliberately attack vehicles carrying wounded soldiers? It is a sick world to think of, but flickr user Slicersuit provides us with an example of just that. His somewhat recently built ambulance is disguised as an APC to confuse the aforementioned inhumane enemies who would otherwise attack the ambulance because it carries soldiers whose legs have been blown off. Fortunately for this soldier, his legs were recovered and can probably be reattached once his comrades find his hips.


  1. this fits 4 figs like my car fits 9 people.

    You know, only unless 4 of them are mutilated.

  2. I think you got it all wrong. It's a vehicle designed and operational only for those with prosthetic legs.