Hey, how long can you put up with these questions?

Let's get personal, dear readers. Every now and then we find ourselves feeling sincere and not entirely hate-filled. When this happens we feel extremely inspired and often have some kind of revelation. This happens almost always right before we fall asleep and, because of our exhaustion, we cannot be bothered to act on this "good" feeling. Just like tying ribbons around one's fingers in more archaic times, we send ourselves an obscured little email in order to remind ourselves what it was that we felt so that we can remember it in the morning. Unfortunately, when that morning comes, we cannot be bothered to act and indeed feel even less bothered than when the original inspiration graced us. This cycle continues until we forgot what inspired us and our desire to build becomes lower than a cyclist's libido.

It is now July. What we now vaguely remember from Brickcon no longer feels like it just happened. What was it that inspired us there? We took plenty of pictures of what we thought were good MOCs (again, sometimes we do not hate everything and can genuinely like something) but none of our pictures stand out to us anymore. Was it the memory of how impressive they were in real life that inspired us? Does the impression change that drastically like the personality of an AHOL at a Lego convention? Where does inspiration come from? Is it a frozen treat like creativity? What inspires you and how do you find new inspiration, dear readers?


  1. There's something about seeing MOCs in real life that is totally lost in the photography. And the feel of hanging out with your friends at a con is totally lost when you're sitting at home alone.

  2. Two things:

    1. Building with children and seeing that unencumbered joy in their creations. They really are blissfully unaware of the 'rules' and it means beautifully uninhibited creations (however ascetically unappealing they may seem to us)

    2. The act of creating something unique. I find much more pleasure in building something for myself (that may have been floating around in the ether from viewing other creations) that is different than everything else I've seen. Bringing something new into the world to share with others is a reward in itself.

    2a. Listening to This American Life episodes whilst placing bricks atop each other in an incredibly sickeningly earnest manner.

  3. BW2011 was my first con. Seeing everything in real life was something else, sitting behind a computer screen just doesn't compare. Like, were else am I going to hold a conversation about half-plate maneuvering using headlight bricks vs. brackets?

    Anyway I guess the high last longer after your first hit, because I'm still buzzing and building all over the place.

    I've grown out one fingernail for when the green brick separator is out of reach.


  4. When I black out I just tend to make shit up. It always seems to works out for the best at least half the time

  5. me. I inspired you at Brickwor- Brickcon. No prob, btw