Hello Goodbye to a World

In our twee retrospective, did you sense something missing? There was one builder absent. In a few respects, he missed the boat entirely, but he warrants a close, exclusive look.

Of Sails and Spires – Summer Joust Prize, Vignette Category 
Markus Rollbühler is a master of scale. His "Of Sails and Spires" uses the tiniest parts to evoke the grandest edifices. A lighthouse in six pieces, a castle in perhaps thirty, a tall ship in just four. For Markus, each piece must contain multitudes.

Fire Dragon Siege 
Here, macro to focus on micro.  A figure in the foreground right next to a catapult on a spoon. This is a builder understanding that the medium is photography, not LEGO.

The Race to Mount Everest
Did he build an entire plane just for effect? This balloon ascends to another level with the filagree using a part we don't even recognize.

Rorek's WorkshopRól's Windmill
The Royal AcademyFilia's Bakery
Rollbühler is not always as fleeting as photography, some stand-outs are grounded. They would be more twee at two-thirds the size, but he uses each square inch to full effect, each piece as carefully chosen as in the micro-builds.

St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow 
We end with something we were convinced could never be captured in LEGO, but now is.


  1. Rollbühler is definitely one of the best examples of how to use the newer Lego colors. He really knows how to frame them and make them pop.

    1. His work really does stand out. He has a building and photographing style that are easy to identify